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Users Spot Tiny Flaw on Metro by T-Mobile's New $15/Month Connect Plan

Earlier this week, T-Mobile revealed that it will be launching anaffordable $15 per month planearlier than planned. The plan, called Connect Plan, will be available to itsMetro by T-MobileandT-Mobile Prepaidbrands.

Its original intention was to launch the plan once it has completed its merger with Sprint. But since that hasn't happened yet, Magenta decided to launch the Connect Plan to help users stay connected during this pandemic.

The plan came with unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data per month and cost $15 per month. While this may seem too good to be true, there's one tiny detail that suggests it might be.

According to someRedditorswho carefully examined thefine printon T-Mobile's official website, the plan specifies that data will become"unavailable for balance of service period" once the monthly allotment has been reached. What this means is that your data is capped at 2GB under this plan. Compared to the other plans that T-Mobile offers, this plan just simply cuts off your access to the internet instead of throttling your data speed.

If you wish to stay connected once your data allotment has been used up, you may need to purchase a daily or weekly high-speed data pass; which beats the purpose of getting an affordable plan in the first place.  Perhaps that's something to re-consider with this new plan revealed by T-Mobile. 


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