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Tracfone Updates Plans With More Data

Tracfone Wireless has quietly updated a handful of wireless plans. A HowardForums user noted Tracfone's $20, $25, and $30 plans all got updated to have an extra 1GB of high-speed data. Tracfone's $15 plan has been updated to include unlimited talk and text. An annual plan also got double data.

Here's a full summary of what has changed.

  • $15 - unlimited talk and text with no data, previously 500MB, 500 texts, and 500 minutes

  • $20 - 2GB high-speed data, previously 1GB

  • $25 - 3GB high-speed data, previously 2GB

  • $30 - 4GB high-speed data, previously 3GB

  • $199 annual plan - 24GB high-speed data with carryover data, previously 12GB

Unless specified otherwise, all Tracfone plans listed include unlimited talk and text. Data is hard-capped and there is no mobile hotspot allowed. The $15-$30 monthly plans all come with a $5/month autopay discount, but only for new customers and their first two months of service.

Tracfone initially launched a $225 annual plan last October, exclusively through its eBay store. The plan included 24GB of high-speed data. It seems Tracfone has just moved this plan over to its own website at a new price point. The $225 eBay plan is no longer available and did disappear some time ago. Tracfone also offered an eBay exclusive annual plan with 36GB of high-speed data for $265, but that one is also no longer available.

With Verizon set to launch the new brand Total by Verizon to replace Total Wireless, the improvements to the Tracfone brand may partially offset the upcoming changes at Total Wireless. The new Total by Verizon brand will not offer plans priced below $30/month. Total Wireless currently sells a $25 plan with unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of high-speed data. It also includes unlimited 2G data. That plan is going away for new customers with the launch of Total by Verizon, and the updated Tracfone plans could serve to fill that void.

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