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Tello Mobile’s Holiday 2021 Promo Will Get You 50% Off, Get 25GB For $19.50

Tello Mobile has announced its holiday 2021 promo. New customers and new lines of service will get 50% off any Tello Mobile plan that costs above $10.

Eligible Plans And Promo Fine Print

Tello's 50% off promo starts on November 25th and will last until December 7th. The promotional discount is only available for the customer's first month of wireless service. After that, the plans return to their regular rates.

Tello has numerous plan options. Subscribers can custom build their own plans or choose from several popular "ready-made" phone plans. Here we'll highlight Tello's popular phone plan options with unlimited talk and text. Shown below are those plans with their discounted promotional pricing highlighted.

  • $7 (renews at $14) - 2GB high-speed data

  • $$9.50 (renews at $19) - 4GB high-speed data

  • $12 (renews at $24) - 6GB high-speed data

  • $14.50 (renews at $29) - 8GB high-speed data

  • $19.50 (renews at $39) - 25GB high-speed data

All of Tello's plans include unlimited data at 2G data speeds once their high-speed allotment is consumed. They also include free international calling to over 60 countries. SIM cards and phones ship free of charge. Mobile hotspot can be used with each plan and draws from the plans high-speed data allotment. Each plan's data allotment can be used entirely for mobile hotspot if the customer so chooses.

Alternative Deals From Tello

Tello also runs special deals through the Stack Social network for new customers only. For people willing to make a longer commitment to Tello, they may find the Stack Social offers to be a better value. One offer on Stack Social will get new Tello subscribers 3-months of service on Tello's unlimited talk and text plan with 8GB of data for just $49 or an average cost of $16.33/month.

Another special Special Stack Social offer is designed for customers with two lines of service. Customers can get 6-months of service and 2GB of data each line each month with unlimited talk and text for just $79. That's an average cost of $13.16. That's like getting 2-lines for the price of one. Tello normally charges $14/month for a single line monthly plan with 2GB of high-speed data.

Tello does also offer a 6-month plan with 2GB of monthly data for single line users. That plan costs $49 or an average monthly cost of $8.17.

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