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T-Mobile Launching New Scam Shield App

Earlier today, T-Mobile held an Un-carrier event to announce something big. This is the first time that T-Mobile made an announcement with its new CEO Mike Sievert.

Today's announcement unveiled the new Android and iOS app that T-Mobile is launching. The app, called Scam Shield, gives customers control over the calls that are blocked. The app also allows T-Mobile to automatically block suspected spam calls. This means that any number that T-Mobile has not yet verified.

In addition to launching the app, T-Mobile is giving its customers enhanced caller ID for free. This feature lets your phone display the name of a caller even if it is not saved in your contacts list. Postpaid customers get a complimentary secondary phone number that they can use to give out to other people. This number, along with your primary number, can be changed for free. Other carriers are charging around $36 for this option.

T-Mobile will be launching the Scam Shield app on July 24. But until this app is available, users can call #662# to enable ScamShield manually. This allows you to block every "Suspected Scam" call from ringing on your phone. As for Sprint subscribers, similar features are available on the "Call Screener" app.

Lastly, T-Mobile announced that all of the Sprint retail stores will be converted to a T-Mobile store starting August 2.


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