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Google Fi No Longer Extending Grace Period for Late Payments

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started to spread in the US, wireless networks became understandable of the situation its customers were put in. Not only were there massive job losses, there were also some states that declared a lockdown.

To this, companies temporarily boosted data speeds, forfeited late fees, and/or delayed payments. A few months has passed and it's still a struggle for the global economy to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, those data speed boosts and forfeited late fees were not a permanent thing. Google has already announced that it will be bringing back its payment due dates and data limits for its Google Fi customers that were in place before the pandemic.

The company took to its blog to make the announcement:

"Starting September 3, we will return to our standard policies for late payments and data speeds. Our grace period for late payments will return to 3 days from the missed billing date. Full speed data limits will return to 15GB for Flexible and 22GB for Unlimited beginning with your first billing cycle on or after September 3."

It can be recalled that Google Fi temporarily raised its monthly high-speed data allowance for all of its customers to 30GB. This was followed with billing cycles on and after April 1st. In addition to boosting data speed, the MVNO waived late fees on Device Protection insurance payments. Subscribers were also allowed to purchase additional high-speed data for $10 per GB.

Google has a hotline for customers dealing with "COVID-19 related financial hardship". If you are affected by this, you can contact support. There are no guarantees, however, whether an exception will be granted.

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