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Ultra Mobile Offering 20% on Its 50GB Data Plan

Ultra Mobile has just unveiled its latest promotion that gives a discount on one of its plans. You'll be able to save money on your purchase of this plan thanks to the 20% off on its original price.

The plan that is currently available in this offer is the $49 per month plan that comes with unlimited everything. The T-Mobile MVNO says this plan includes the first 50GB of data at up to 5G data speeds per month. It also comes with $5 international calling credit, a $5 international roaming credit, and mobile hotspot support.

The promotion gives this plan a discount of 20%. With the discount in place, the plan's price goes down to $39. It is important to remember that this price does not yet include taxes and fees.

While Ultra Mobile says the plan includes "Unlimited High-Speed 4G LTE Data," there is a limit to it. The fine print of the plan states that "after 50GB, speeds slowed for remainder of 30-day cycle." This means that your data speed will be throttled when you reach the 50GB limit before the month is over.

There is not much information available on its 20% discount offer on the plan. But it's likely that the plan is exclusive for new customers. In addition to this, the MVNO has not detailed whether the $39 per month will be available for life or on the first month of service only. Not to mention, there is no end date specified on when this promotion will be available.

The MVNO, however, suggests to "enable Auto-Recharge at checkout to pay $39/month on all future monthly payments." This might suggest that the plan will cost $39 per month for a few months. We will have to keep an eye out for further announcements made by the MVNO.

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