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Samsung Reportedly Working on Mid-Range 5G Phone

With the onset of 5G network, more and more smartphone manufacturers are preparing to come up with their own 5G-enabled devices. And while the currently available devices now are high-end models that usually cost an arm and leg, it's good to know that some manufacturers are creating more affordable options.

Samsung is one of those manufacturers that are getting ready to unveil a cheaper device with 5G support. And according to reports, it looks like Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy A42 5G model real soon.

If the name of the device sounds familiar to you, that's because Samsung earlier released the Galaxy A41 device. This phone, however, only comes with 4G LTE support and not 5G.

Right now, we don't know much about the Galaxy A42 5G. The report from SamMobile shares that this device will be available with 4G and 5G support. The latter, codenamed SM-A426B, is said to have 128GB of onboard storage.

That's all we know about this mystery device for now. But it's interesting to see that smartphone manufacturers are working at creating a mid-range 5G phone

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