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Best Apple iPhone SE 2022 deals

The third, iPhone SE 3 2022 edition of Apple's nostalgic home button line has gotten a fairly modern under-the-hood boost, what with the overkill Apple A15 chipset and a 5G connectivity modem, but otherwise has stayed refreshingly retro, with the same 4.7" LCD display, thick bezels, Touch ID home button, and aluminum housing.

Despite that the expected sub-$400 price didn't materialize, the iPhone SE 3 2022 is the one that may fetch the bulk of iPhone shipments this year, what with the ability to hook up on 5G networks and the fast processor. That's why we round up the best iPhone SE 3 deals that bring down the price even further.

iPhone SE 2022 storage prices and availability

  • iPhone SE 64GB price: $429

  • iPhone SE 128GB price: $479

  • iPhone SE 256GB price: $579

The iPhone SE 2022 release date is Friday, March 18, for buyers in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UK, the US, and 30 more countries or regions.

iPhone SE 2022 deals at Apple

  • Trade-ins from $150 for the iPhone SE 2020 or $100 for the iPhone 8

  • Monthly payments starting from $17.87

If you don't want to pay the hefty sum of $579 for the 256GB model, you can buy the iPhone SE from Apple on installments, or use Apple's trade-in offers online or swap the old SE 2020 for the new SE 2022 in Apple Stores. Monthly payments start from $17.87 in 24 installments for the basic 64GB model.

iPhone SE 2022 deals on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T

  • $215 off the 128GB iPhone SE 2022 model on T-Mobile via Best Buy

  • $1 initial payment on Cricket

  • Trade-in offers at Verizon or AT&T

AT&T's prepaid brand Cricket has a deal, too: "Cricket and AT&T PREPAID: The new iPhone SE will also be available for purchase in-stores for all AT&T PREPAID and Cricket customers. Cricket customers can get the new iPhone SE and other 5G-capable smartphones with an initial payment as low as $1 when signing up for Cricket’s Phone Payment Plan."

Other than that, each Verizon, or AT&T carrier iPhone SE model starts at the same $429 or $17.87 a month for the 64GB model that it costs at Apple, too, and all storage options are available on all three carriers.

Apple says that the iPhone SE will be available through Apple Authorized Resellers as well as all major carriers, and AT&T as well as Verizon or T-Mobile indeed carry it, though only T-Mobile offers a $215 discount if you buy the 128GB model on a plan with 24 installments.

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