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T-Mobile launches T-IoT with Deutsche Telekom

Together with Deustche Telekom, T-Mobile unveiled T-IoT as its new solution for global IoT connectivity for enterprises.

According to its press release, “Global IoT connectivity is too complex.” In order to deploy IoT connections across borders, enterprises will need to patch together operator agreements with varying contracts, service level agreements, management interfaces, and customer support. This is why T-Mobile has come up with T-IoT as a way of giving enterprises one global team and one global solution.

In its release, T-Mobile talked about Biotronik, one customer that would greatly benefit from T-IoT. This is a company that manufacturers medical devices for cardiovascular disease treatment.

One of Biotronik’s most significant products is the implantable cardiac pacemaker, a connected device that supports heart disease patients. Thanks to this technology, the medical team of a patient using a pacemaker can have digital access to his vitals. As a result, they can constantly analyze this data and immediately act when there is a problem.

Because of the way it works, Biotronik is just one of the many that can benefit from T-IoT infrastructure. Considering they work with more than 5,000 hospitals in 100 countries, the need for seamless global connectivity is a must. And this is exactly where T-IoT steps into the picture.

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