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Verizon boosts international plans with additional amount of data

Verizon announced improved offerings for customers looking to purchase plans with international data included. Particularly useful for those travelling outside the United States, Verizon’s International Monthly plan is now better than ever.

To make its offering more appealing to customers, Verizon supercharged both the TravelPass and International Monthly plan. Those who pick up the TravelPass this week will get 4X the amount of high-speed data compared with its previous plan offering.

Basically, customers will now get an extra 2GB per day at 5G speeds, followed by unlimited 3G data at 1Mbps. On top of that, subscribers are getting Unlimited talk and text, allowing them to use their existing Unlimited plan abroad in over 210 countries and destinations, all these for just $10 a day. In addition, roaming in Canada and Mexico is included at no additional cost on all Verizon’s Unlimited plans.

As far as the new International Monthly Plan goes, this is meant for customers who plan to stay abroad for longer periods and require a cost-effective option to stay connected with unlimited data. The recently announced boost consists of 4X more high-speed data, which means an extra 20GB of high-speed at 5G speeds followed by unlimited 3G data.

Of course, International Monthly Plan subscribers will also get unlimited messaging and 250 minutes to make calls, all for $100 a month.

And keep in mind that if you’re on Verizon’s 5G Do More and Get More plans, you’ll get one day of TravelPass each month for a total of 12 days per year. As soon as your included TravelPass days are used, you’ll have to pay $10 per day, as usual.

If you’re unfamiliar with Verizon’s TravelPass, you can text TRAVEL to 4004 or use the MyVerizon App to start using the service. For the best international plan that fits your needs, you’ll have to visit Verizon’s website.

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