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Red Pocket Mobile Launches Dealer Exclusive 3-Month $30 Plan

Red Pocket Mobile has launched a new wireless plan. This one is exclusive to their "indirect channel." That means if you are interested in purchasing the plan, you will have to find a dealer near you that carries Red Pocket Mobile.

The new plan is a multi-month offering and is only available for use on Red Pocket's GSMT network. Red Pocket uses "GSMT" to specify plans that operate on the T-Mobile network as it is contractually not allowed to publicly name T-Mobile as a network partner. The new offering has some similarities to a plan that was recently launched by Unreal Mobile, its sister brand. Red Pocket's new plan is 3 months of wireless service for $30 and includes unlimited talk and text with 1GB of hard capped monthly high-speed data. The plan also comes with unlimited international calling to 80 countries plus a $10 credit each month to call countries not included in the 80 that are free.

Red Pocket's Unique MVNO Business Strategy

Red Pocket Mobile has somewhat of a unique business strategy as far as the MVNO market place is concerned. The company offers different wireless plans in each channel that the brand is sold through. For instance, Red Pocket offers eBay exclusive multi-month plans that cannot even be purchased by new customers through the Red Pocket Mobile website.

A few months back a new plan was launched at Target. The plan includes unlimited everything with 15GB of high-speed data for $35, although as of this writing it is available for $28. Maintaining the unique plans through different channels strategy, the plans sold on the Red Pocket Mobile website are not available for purchase at Target and vice versa.

And now there is this new dealer exclusive plan. So there are at least four different places where you can pick up a Red Pocket Mobile plan that is not available elsewhere.

Industry analyst Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research recently described the new dealer exclusive plan in a report his firm sent out to its subscribers. I spoke to him about the new offering and Red Pocket's business strategy. He commented:

“It’s good to see Red Pocket Mobile giving some love to the multi-carrier dealer channel. I think most of the MVNO’s focus has been online and via eBay, but three months of service with 1GB per month for a total of $30 is pretty affordable.”
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