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Pure TalkUSA Has A New TV Ad, Website, And Logo

Pure TalkUSA has had a very busy past few weeks. The service provider has rebranded itself to be called just Pure Talk. A website redesign was also recently pushed out as was a new logo. The firm Wave7 Research just sent a report out to its subscribers detailing a new Pure Talk TV ad launch. And a Pure Talk rep has informed BestMVNO that its $250 off any iPhone offer will continue to be in place moving forward throughout the rest of October. The deal has been available since at least June.

Pure Talk's New Website And Logo

The new website design looks a little cleaner and less busy to me and the navigation menu has been improved. "Plans" and "Phones" menu navigation items are now front and center instead of being buried underneath a drop-down menu. There's also a new "shop plans" button featured on the home page centered around a new tagline:

The changes should help customers find what they need quicker. Website colors have also changed going from dark to more light. The logo has been altered changing from dark purple and dark green to blue and lighter green. It's also a bit more open. You can see the old logo and new one compared below. A trip to the Internet Archives will show you what the old website design looked like if you are interested.

New Pure Talk TV Ad

Wave7 Research reports that Pure Talk has a new TV ad airing that is targeting Fox News viewers. The new ad entitled "Switch," launched in late September and promotes Pure Talk's $20/month plan that features 2GB of high-speed data. It also tells viewers that the average family switching to Pure Talk saves over $70/month on their phone bill. The audience is told that they'll get the same number of bars with Pure Talk because it's on the same network as the larger providers. Pure Talk doesn't disclose in the commercial what that provider is, but a coverage map on their website is similar to AT&T's. At the time of this writing and according to, the commercial last aired on 10/5/2020 during Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

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