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MVNO Spotlight: Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile was established in 1996 in Miami, Florida. Originally, their service was limited to TracFone-branded phones, which are locked to the using an internal SIM card. However, in 2013, TracFone unveiled Bring Your Own Phone, and began selling SIM cards that could be inserted into qualifying non-TracFone phones, and in 2015, this program was renamed "Bring Your Own Phone".

When looking for a prepaid plan with unlimited data, you should consider Simple Mobile, because that’s all they do. It offers 5 different plans ranging from $25 to $60 a month. Simple Mobile cheaper than the big boys at T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, it also offers unlimited data where comparable plans offer limited data.

This company operates as a prepaid mobile option, which means you don’t have to sign a long-term contract. You just make your payment at the beginning of the month, and you’ll have unlimited data locked and loaded.

Network: T-Mobile


- Low start up cost (you just need SIMs to begin selling Simple Mobile)

- Bring your own device program

- Compatible with GSM unlocked devices and T-Mobile branded phones

- Unlimited Data Plan Available

- Large Buckets of High Speed Data

- Calling to Mexico and 69 Countries included in all plans

- Simple Mobile branded handsets

- Spiffs for first 3 months of customer service


- Uncertainty with Verizon Purchase

- Activation Portal, VidaPay, has had a lot of issues in the past

- On the lower end of refill airtime %

- Exclusive Store Program has gone through many changes.

- No major marketing/branding push to get brand name out

For a full list of Simple Mobile Master Agents click here

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