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HBO, HBO Max are returning to Dish network

Dish Network, one of the top American satellite TV services, is finally officially offering HBO, as well as HBO Max, as part of its TV package. WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, has struck a new deal with the satellite TV company, after a three-year hiatus since it last hosted HBO's popular streaming services.

The previous contract had come to a sudden end in 2018, when the two companies had had a serious falling-out. AT&T had bought HBO along with WarnerMedia (as well as CNN) back in 2018. Dish Network was unhappy with the fees AT&T levied for permission to host HBO, and the two companies consequently fought and dropped their business relations.

HBO has only gotten massively bigger since then, jumpstarted by the hugely successful TV show Game of Thrones, and launching its premium tier HBO Max in 2020.

Now, three years later, it appears the involved parties have finally reached a resolution to the conflict, and Dish Network has decided to renew the contract to have HBO and HBO Max return to the network, along with Cinemax (which is owned by another subsidiary of WarnerMedia).

The announcement of this new deal came on July 29, as of which date all Dish Network subscribers across the United States will also be able to access HBO, HBO Max, and Cinemax.

Customers who subscribe to the HBO Max Ad-Free tier via Dish Network will get a special a one-year discount of paying only $12/month, compared to the $15/month HBO usually charges. In order to get the $3 monthly discount, however, customers have to get their subscription by October 27 at the latest. After one year on the discount, they will be charged the regular $15 price.

Apart from HBO, Dish Network customers can now additionally subscribe to Cinemax for $10/month, which grants them access to More Max and 5-Star Max, along with Cinemax.

Importantly, in order to be able to watch either HBO or Cinemax (as reported by SlashGear), subscribers would need to have a Dish Hopper or Wally box in their home.

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