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FreedomPop's Free Plan Now Comes With Cellular Voice Service

FreedomPop has just unveiled a new plan that comes with cellular voice service. In the past, the freemium AT&T MVNO used VoIP calling, which required the FreedomPop Messaging app to use such features. 

With the new feature, FreedomPop's free plan now comes with the following:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi calling

  • 10 cellular voice minutes

  • Unlimited iMessages and RCS text messages

  • 10 cellular text messages

  • 25MB of LTE data

If more data is needed, FreedomPop will automatically upgrade the plan with 500MB of LTE data for $8. Succeeding LTE data can be purchased at $4. 

The free plan previously came with 200MB of LTE data, 200 VoIP minutes, and 500 OTT texts per month. The old VoIP plans will be discontinued and current users may not be grandfathered. 

In addition to cellular voice service, FreedomPop has upgraded these features:

  • FaceTime calls over cellular network

  • Compatibility with major banking and other mobile apps

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