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Comcast launches Storm-Ready WiFi

With severe weather wreaking havoc in many parts of the country this time of year, Comcast decided it’s a good time to unveil its Storm-Ready WiFi, which uses Verizon’s LTE network for backup internet connectivity.

The product is designed so that when a storm hits and trees are down, customers can still get internet connectivity, albeit at slower speeds. The Wi-Fi device is equipped with cellular back-up and a four-hour rechargeable battery; Comcast cites data that shows the average power outage in the U.S. is two hours.

“Storm-Ready WiFi gives customers peace of mind that they’ll be able to maintain connectivity at home, as it provides a seamless connection with auto failover,” the company said in a press release. “When the power goes out, the customer’s network is automatically transitioned to cellular back-up so they can continue the use of their internet.”

The Wi-Fi 6-capable Storm-Ready WiFi also doubles as a Wi-Fi extender to deliver a Wi-Fi signal to those hard-to-reach corners of the home, according to Comcast. The device works with Xfinity gateways to create a wall-to-wall mesh network that extends coverage throughout customers’ homes.

Comcast uses Verizon’s network for its Xfinity Mobile service under an MVNO arrangement. A Comcast spokesperson confirmed it’s also using Verizon’s LTE network for the Storm-Ready WiFi service.

Storm-Ready WiFi is Comcast’s first device designed using recycled materials, with the casing made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Comcast is selling the device for $7 a month for 36 months, or a one-time payment of $252. There’s no monthly reoccurring charge, but customers need to subscribe to Comcast’s Superfast (800/20 Mbps) internet speed tier plan or above; a leased XB7 or XB8 Xfinity Gateway is required.

Activation is done by the customer using the Xfinity app, and Comcast says the entire activation process takes about 15 minutes.

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