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Boost Mobile Customers Now Eligible For Keep & Switch

T-Mobile seems to finally consider Boost Mobile a competitor.

Starting today, August 27th, Boost Mobile customers who have had their devices active on their accounts for at least 12 months can apply for the Keep & Switch promotion from T-Mobile. The 12 month stipulation appears to be a Boost Mobile limitation, not a T-Mobile one.

The Keep & Switch promo allows customers on competing networks to keep their existing device when they move, and have T-Mobile compensate them for the payoff amount.

Customers pay off and request unlock of their device on the competitor network and then provide the bill to T-Mobile for a credit of the amount paid. Customers can then use that device with their new T-Mobile plan.

Prior to Dish taking over Boost customers as part of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Boost was a prepaid Sprint MVNO. Now that Dish acquired the Boost brand it seems they are now enough of a competitor to be eligible for Keep & Switch.

Boost customers wanting to take advantage of this promo can do so via any support channel or online starting today.

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