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AT&T Prepaid Offering A Couple Of Free Phones To Switchers

AT&T Prepaid has launched several new phone deals. The firm Wave7 Research detailed the findings in a report it sent out to its subscribers earlier today.

For starters, there are a couple of free phone offers available. The AT&T Fusion Z and AT&T Calypso 2 are both free to switchers who port to any AT&T Prepaid monthly plan. Without porting, the price for each phone is $19.99. These are in-store-only offers which means they'll come with a $15 activation fee. Both phones retail online for $79.99 but are $39.99 online with the purchase of any phone plan. There is no activation fee for online purchases.

AT&T prepaid has several other in-store-only offers available as well. Here they are:

  • iPhone SE -$149.99, reg $249.99. Requires new line activation on an unlimited plan. Not sold online.

  • Motorola One 5G Ace - $99.99 with port in and activation on an unlimited plan. Reg price $259.99. Available online with any plan for $129.99.

  • Samsung Galaxy A02s - $29.99 with port and activation on an unlimited plan. Without port, price is $59.99. Reg price is $119.99. Available online for $69.99.

  • Samsung Galaxy A12 - $49.99 with port, $79.99 without. Requires activation on an unlimited plan. Regular price is $179.99. Available online for $129.99.

  • AT&T RADIANT Max 5G - $49.99 with port to an unlimited plan, $99.99 without. Regular price is $179.99. Available online for $129.99.

  • iPhone 11 - $299.99 with port, $399.99 without. Requires port to an unlimited plan. Phone not sold online.

So to summarize the offers, the iPhones are only available through your local AT&T Prepaid dealer. The in-store offers all require porting to an unlimited plan, the online offers do not.

The in-store offers all require a $15 activation fee that is not charged for online orders. So even with the higher-priced plan requirements in stores, and the activation fees charged, in-store pricing is still a little better than online.

The phone deals are scheduled to last until 1/27/22.

Several weeks ago AT&T Prepaid also brought back one of its more popular phone plan offers. AT&T Prepaid's premium flagship unlimited plan once again includes a $25/month autopay discount available for life to new customers. That lowers the price of the plan to $50/month down from $75/month.

As reported by Fierce Wireless and noted in a Wave7 Research prepaid report a few weeks back, AT&T Prepaid also has a new celebrity spokesperson in Mario Lopez. Lopez can be seen on AT&T Prepaid signage at Walmart stores. He's also visible in banners on AT&T Prepaid's website. There's even a video ad on the website where he pitches to viewers that the brand offers real value to consumers.

The new energy coming from AT&T Prepaid may be a bit paradoxical. Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research says that when reps at AT&T stores are asked about AT&T Prepaid they often tell their customers to shop for it at Walmart and Best Buy.

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