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You now have a chance to enroll your device to Protection 360

T-Mobile customers will soon get to enroll their device in Protection 360. And the good news is that enrollment can be done regardless of how old a device is.

Internal documents were shared to The T-Mo Report, who gave the report today. The report shows that T-Mobile will be opening an enrollment period from April 5th until May 17th. This is a good chance to enroll your device to the insurance program since enrollment is usually accepted upon purchase or within 30 days after.

During this period, customers can have their devices undergo a 3-point inspection for screen damage, water damage, and overall device functionality. Once the device passes inspection, it will be given Protection 360.

You will have a choice of coverage from $7 to $25 per month. There are 6 pricing tiers available, depending on the device you have.

T-Mobile offers its in-house device protection program called Protection 360 to its customers. This is backed by Assurant and comes with coverage for accidental damage, loss and theft. In some locations, T-Mobile started offering in-store same-day repairs last year.

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