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Visible kicks off 3 for $60 deal, here is what you can get

Verizon’s Visible all-digital carrier has just kicked off another interesting deal aimed at customers looking for cheaper mobile plans. Currently, Visible’s only plan costs $40 per month and offers unlimited 5G/4G data, talk & text, unlimited 5G/4G mobile hotspot, unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada, as well as $0 activation fee.

However, you could get the same plan for as low as $25 per month when joining Party Pay. If you decide to go for it, you’ll have to join a party of 4 or more members (you don’t have to know them). There’s no sharing or splitting minutes, texts, data, lines, payments or accounts, you’ll just share the savings with the members of the party.

However, if you want an even better deal, you can now bring your own phone and get 3 months of Visible for $20 each with code SINGLE. Along with the 50% discount on the unlimited plan, Visible will also throws in a $50 gift card when you switch to its service. The gift card will be sent to you after you have made 3 full month’s service payments.

Potential customers have until March 29 to decide whether or not to take up on Visible’s offer. After all, you’re not just getting a $60 discount on the carrier’s great plan, but also a $50 gift card that you can use to purchase whatever accessories you wish.

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