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Visible disables auto-pay to encourage confusing plan switch

As part of an ongoing effort to switch customers to its new network, Visible is disabling auto-pay for those on the older plan.

For nearly a year now, Visible, an MVNO from Verizon, has been transitioning to two new plans that are said to offer better 5G coverage but require its existing customers to switch SIM cards. The new plans also carry a slight increase in cost – $30 versus the $25 price that was previously available through Party Pay, though a temporary $5 discount is available.

These two inconveniences have led many Visible customers – myself included – to ignore Visible’s previously optional network change. In recent weeks, Visible has shifted its messaging, sending increasingly urgent emails and text messages to customers telling them that their service will soon be disconnected.

In the carrier’s most drastic measure to date, Visible’s website now shows a notice that auto-pay has been disabled as part of the network switch.

Payment options are temporarily changing and will be restore once you upgrade to our new network. Any payment due on or after Jul 1, 2023, must be made manually. Because auto payments get processed two days before due date, autopay will be disabled as of Jun 29, and can be enabled again once you upgrade.

The move is seemingly targeted at those who don’t think much about their cell service and have thus far ignored Visible’s many emails. By disabling auto-pay, Visible customers are forced to log into the app or website and see the notices to change plans.

Any customers still on Visible’s original plan need to take action before that network shuts down in September – whether that’s updating to the new service or moving to a different carrier.

The network your plan is on will be shut down in September, and your service and all account access will terminate on or before that time if you have not yet moved to a plan on the new network.
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