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Verizon Starts Lighting Up Full C-Band for Faster 5G

Verizon is now cleared to use 100% of the C-band spectrum it won in an FCC auction in 2021. This relatively new mid-band spectrum is ideal for providing terrestrial 5G service with a good balance of coverage and fast data speeds. This spectrum was originally used by satellite operators, but the FCC worked with those companies to relocate their operations to a smaller band of higher frequencies, freeing spectrum for 5G. This required the launch of new satellites. As those launches have been proceeding well, Verizon is now able to access all of its new spectrum four months ahead of schedule. Verizon initially launched in just 60 MHz of the C-band. As the transition proceeded, Verizon was able to expand that to 100 Mhz in some areas. Now Verizon has full access to at least 140 Mhz in the C band in all available markets, and up to 200 MHz in some (mostly rural) markets. That additional bandwidth gives the 5G network much greater capacity without getting congested and slowing down. It also gives Verizon the capacity to expand its use of 5G for home internet service.

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