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Verizon Prepaid Offering $300 In Credits On All 5G Phones, Plus $55 Unlimited Plan

Verizon Prepaid has a new promo out highlighting that you can "save $300 on all 5G phones." It's a limited time bill credits offer. Additionally, Verizon Prepaid, through its indirect dealer channel is now offering its unlimited plans at a discount. Customers can get the $65 unlimited plan for $55. The $75 Unlimited Plus plan is $65.

Save $300 On A 5G Phone Offer Details & Fine Print

This offer has a bit of fine print associated with it. The $300 in savings will come in the form of $25 bill credits over the course of 12-months. The bill credits start at activation. In order to qualify for the credits, you must activate on the Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plan. If you change to a plan that's not unlimited, the remaining bill credits will be forfeited. If the device gets lost or stolen, the bill credits will still continue. The offer is not available with tablets or hotspot devices. It cannot be combined with any other offer. This promotion is scheduled to end on 1/31/2022.

Available 5G Phones

Verizon is selling its fair share of 5G prepaid phones. If you are interested in the $300 in bill credits offer, here is what's available with pricing before the credits applied shown:

  • iPhone 13 - $799

  • Motorola 5G UW ace Prepaid - $299.99

  • Samsung Galaxy A42 5G - $399.99

  • TCL 10 5G UW - $399.99

  • iPhone 12 - $699.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW - $699.99

  • iPhone 13 Pro - $1499.99

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - $1599.99

  • iPhone 13 mini - $699.99

  • Motorola Edge 5G UW - $549.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - $799.99

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G - $1799.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G - $999.99

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - $1299.99

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW - $999.99

  • iPhone 12 Pro - $899.99

  • iPhone 12 mini - $599.99

  • Motorola One 5G UW - $559.99

  • Motorola Edge+ - $869.99

  • Orbic Myra 5G UW - $349.99

  • Nokia 8V 5G UW - $699..99

  • OnePlus 8 5G UW - $799.99

  • Kyocera DualForce Ultra 5G UW - $899.99

  • Google Pixel 5 - $699.99

  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Prepaid - $1199.99

Verizon Prepaid phones are sold locked to Verizon until they have been used on the network for at least 60 days. After 60 days they will automatically unlock.

Verizon's latest Prepaid plan offer comes courtesy of its indirect prepaid dealer channel. If your Verizon Prepaid dealer uses the Epay platform and sells other prepaid brands you can take advantage of this deal. The offer is for $10/month of an unlimited plan. Details besides that are a little scarce, but I believe you should be able to save an additional $5/month on either plan with autopay billing enabled. Normally, Verizon requires you to be a customer for 10 straight months before you can get the plans at a maximum discount.

Here are the details on Verizon's two prepaid unlimited plans with the promo and autopay discounts highlighted:

  • $50/month (reg $65) - unlimited everything, no hotspot, 5G nationwide coverage but no Ultra Wideband, 480p streaming

  • $60/month (reg $75) - unlimited everything plus hotspot and 5G nationwide and Ultra Wideband coverage, up to 4K UHD streaming

Customers on the $75 plan in an Ultra Wideband area get unlimited hotspot access with up to 4K UHD streaming. In all other areas, hotspot is limited to 10GB at high-speeds before throttling to 600Kbps and videos stream in 480p.

Both Verizon unlimited plans include unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. They also include unlimited texting to over 200 countries and usage in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. International data is reduced to 2G data speeds after more than 500MB has been used in a day.

The two unlimited plan offers had been online only offers scheduled to last until 12/31/21. It looks like Verizon canceled the online offer to move it to dealers.

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