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Verizon has the best network among US carriers according to 34,174 wireless customer interviews

Verizon is once again sweeping network quality rewards in contrast to T-Mobile's 5G rollout humble brag not long ago. While T-Mobile has a genuine 5G network advantage in both speeds and coverage, the 4G/LTE blanket is still the widest and its robustness matters more, at least for the time being.

That's precisely whereVerizon's network shines, according to a new J.D. Power study, for 29th time in a row (soon there will be an anniversary), while Verizon itself promises expansion of its 5G network efforts to catch up in that regard, too.

The J.D. Power studies, be it for new car purchases or carrier network qualities are based on rather detailed questionnaires that leave no stone unturned and on the whole provide an accurate snapshot of where an industry or a sector is at. This time, they probed more than 34,174 US carrier subscribers between January and June 2022 for a full H1 2022 picture of cell phone connectivity, coverage, and speeds.

Verizon customers had the least amount of dropped calls or data and messaging connectivity issues and were the most content with their carrier in five out of the six US regions surveyed: Northeast, West, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and North Central regions. According to Kyle Malady, EVP, Global Networks and Technology for Verizon:

"Our customers recognize the importance of consistent, reliable performance they can count on. The J.D Power awards are recognized as the ‘voice of the consumer’ and Verizon’s history of success signifies that savvy consumers know the unmatched performance and value Verizon provides over our competitors."

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