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Verizon Begins Marketing Push Of Total by Verizon With First TV Ad

Verizon has begun the marketing push of Total by Verizon with the launch of a couple of TV ads. There's an ad in Spanish and one in English. Both ads appear to have launched yesterday, 11/8/2022, and have had limited airings thus far.

"No Contract, No Credit Check Carrier" TV Spot Ad

The English ad is called "Total by Verizon - No Contract, No Credit Check Carrier." It starts off with a voiceover that says "when choosing a wireless provider, you're forced to compromise." The voiceover continues by asking the audience "but what if you didn't have to?"

Viewers are then introduced to Total by Verizon as, "a new, no contract, no credit check carrier for you and your family with plans starting at just $30/month." The ad finishes with a mention that you can find it at and at Walmart. Interestingly, there's no mention in the ad of other locations where Total by Verizon is sold such as Total by Verizon stores, Target, and Dollar General. At the time of this writing, this ad appears to have aired less than a dozen times. You can watch the full ad below.

"Total by Verizon Una Neuva Opción" TV Spot Ad

The TV ad airing in Spanish is entitled "Total by Verizon Una Neuva Opción," which translates into English to "Total by Verizon A New Option."

This ad seems to be identical to the English TV ad with the exception of the ad's ending. The TV ad in Spanish ends by telling viewers that Total by Verizon is available at, Target, Dollar General, and Amazon. But there's no mention of the availability at Walmart. At the time of this writing, the Spanish TV ad has aired a few dozen times. You can watch it below.

Verizon launched the Total by Verizon wireless brand in September of 2022, and it replaced the Tracfone brand Total Wireless. Since then, displays have been gradually rolling out into national retail stores including Target and Dollar General among other locations. All indications are that Verizon aims to make Total by Verizon a competitive force in the prepaid marketplace designed to compete against the likes of Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless.

The prepaid marketplace is an area that Verizon has historically largely underperformed in primarily due to neglect. But the carrier made a move to get serious about that market segment when they agreed to acquire Tracfone and all of its associated brands from América Móvil in 2020. Verizon closed on the deal in November of 2021.

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