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Total by Verizon Says It’s Going “All In” By Giving Away 15K NYC Prepaid MetroCards

Earlier this month, BestMVNO reported that Total by Verizon launched several new offers online including 4 unlimited lines for $100 and free phone deals. It was also noted that Total by Verizon had a new tagline on its website, "All In." The same tagline is featured in a TV ad that has aired over 2k times since debuting less than two weeks ago. And now Total by Verizon is readying the launch of another "All In" marketing campaign targeting NYC commuters. On Monday, August 21, between the hours of 7am-10am EST, Total by Verizon will be giving out 15,000 prepaid MetroCards to commuters in the NYC area. The MetroCards will help foot the bill for those using NYC metro subway and bus lines, who starting today, will have to pay increased rates for those forms of public transportation. Total by Verizon says it's going "All In" to help commuters put money back in their pockets.

Total by Verizon's "All In" prepaid MetroCard campaign will feature area social media influencer Devon Rodriguez. Rodriguez is an artist and painter from South Bronx, New York City whose claim to fame is from painting portraits of riders on the NYC subway system. His artwork and related social media posts have grown his Instagram following to nearly 6m followers, and TikTok to over 32m followers. He'll be surprising commuters at the Bryant Park location with portrait drawings.

Total by Verizon has not yet released how many locations they'll be at, or if it's just one, with the free prepaid MetroCards. That information is expected to be announced right before the campaign officially kicks off on Monday morning. The article will be updated with specific locations once they are released. Update: An official press release from Total by Verizon is now out. No other specific locations have been named other than throughout NYC. The press release does state that 14,900 commuters will receive two free rides valued at $5.80, and 100 will receive one month worth of unlimited rides.

Verizon is serious about growing the Total by Verizon subscriber base. Some good marketing dollars have been put into advertising the brand, aside from this NYC publicity stunt, nearly 10 TV ads have aired thus far this year as well. Verizon has also rapidly been adding Total by Verizon stores, with more than 100 planned for opening this year in the Los Angeles area alone.

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