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T-Mobile will soon get a major retail footprint boost in Best Buy and Walmart stores

T-Mobile has already come a long way since finally being allowed to complete its Sprint takeover almost a year ago, but as you can imagine, there's always room for improvement for an "Un-carrier" that's managed to objectively eclipse Verizon and AT&T in terms of their 5G infrastructure while staying behind the largest US wireless service provider as far as subscriber numbers are concerned.

One way that Magenta could attract even more customers in its race to first place is through a big nationwide retail footprint expansion, which kicked off last summer (sort of), when Best Buy (indirectly) opened T-Mo activations in its stores while keeping the Sprint name alive.

Right off the bat, it was fairly easy to guess that move would prove to be merely the first phase of a much larger project aimed at boosting T-Mobile brand awareness and subscriber figures in the long run, and lo and behold, it looks like the second phase is just about ready to begin.

According to at least two different sources, Best Buy is gearing up to completely replace Sprint with T-Mobile for the purposes of facilitating new device activations, as well as line additions and upgrades for existing customers.

In fact, the "new T-Mobile access" is purportedly being piloted already in select brick and mortar stores in New York and Pennsylvania, and although we haven't been able to corroborate that information, it seems safe to assume the rumored April 1 "projected date" for the completion of this transition process will indeed pan out.

Basically, new and existing T-Mobile subscribers can expect Best Buy to be able to service them with absolutely no restrictions or special conditions starting exactly one year after the third and fourth-largest wireless carriers in the US managed to wrap up their high-profile merger.

Even better, Walmart is tipped to throw its weight behind T-Mobile's name as well in the very near future, which would obviously bring the "Un-carrier" yet another step closer to nationwide ubiquity and market supremacy. Of course, both Best Buy and Walmart stores already sell many devices with Verizon and AT&T service, so rather than beating its arch-rivals, T-Mo is set to simply join them in covering some of the largest US retail chains, both on and offline.

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