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T-Mobile Tuesdays App Update to T Life App Has Begun

At the start of January, it was revealed that T-Mobile will be sunsetting its T-Mobile Tuesdays app. The Un-carrier is moving the program to a new app called T Life, which will be an all-in-one app together with other services like SyncUP and Home Internet. 

The Reddit post that originally shared the announcement has since been deleted. But ever since it made the rounds online, T-Mobile has informed its customers about the upcoming changes. 

As reported by The Mobile Report, T-Mobile has started rolling out its new T Life app. If you have set your apps to auto-update, you won’t need to do anything else. Your app will automatically update and you’ll see the T Life app instead of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app that you were used to. 

The report shared some screenshots of the new app on the App Store and Google Play Store. The primary name and icon has been changed to T Life. But for a short period, the old name “T-Mobile Tuesdays” will continue to be displayed next to it. 

The report also shared that Apple already pushed the app update to its users. Meanwhile, Android users will continue to see the previous app until the rollout will complete.  The internal document shared by the publication shares that it could take up to a couple of weeks to complete. But the new T Life app should be available on all Android devices by February 5. 

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