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T-Mobile tops Ookla’s latest Speedtest report

T-Mobile is adding another win to its belt, thanks to the latest results of an independent third-party report.

Earlier today, Ookla released its Q2 Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis United States report and named T-Mobile as the top network when it comes to Overall Speed, Lowest Latency, Highest Consistency and Overall Video Score. The report also named T-Mo’s 5G network on the first spot for its availability, consistency, and download speed.

“T-Mobile 5G, the nation’s most awarded network, has top rankings in nearly every third-party benchmark over the last two years. It’s clear we offer something customers can’t get anywhere else, and now over half of our network traffic is on 5G devices. But we’re not done yet – we’re advancing the reach and capabilities of 5G every day.” – Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile

The report showed that T-Mobile has 5G median download speeds of 187.33 Mbps, which allowed it to retain its #1 spot in 5G Performance. As for 5G Availability, the Un-carrier’s customers get to connect to their network 68.5% of the time, which is twice than Verizon’s score. T-Mobile got tied in first place for 5G Consistency at 76.6%.

Another finding in the report showed that T-Mobile is the fastest mobile provider in 45 states at the state and local level. They are also the fastest in 75 out of the100 most populous US cities in Q2 2022.

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