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T-Mobile publishes its 2022 State of Fixed Wireless Access report

Earlier today, T-Mobile released its 2022 State of Fixed Wireless Access report.

This report details their one-year lead in broadband growth as well as the numbers they have achieved this year. It also details the company’s audience demographics, usage trends and activity, factors behind overall growth, and insights into why people are switching to FWA.

T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Katz, said:

“It’s no secret that fixed wireless is disrupting a historically broken broadband industry, offering choice and competition at a time when consumers need it the most. Just one year after fixed wireless entered the broadband scene, we’ve seen remarkable growth, with many customers ditching their traditional ISP. This report further highlights the massive demand for a new option, and 5G’s ability to meet that need.”

You can read more about the report here.

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