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T-Mobile powers Mixhalo’s technology for improved concert experience

T-Mobile’s EVP of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, John Saw, published a new blog post regarding the Un-carrier’s latest 5G-powered concert. This was achieved in partnership with Mixhalo, a graduate of T-Mo’s 5G Open Innovation Lab.

The technology used in the concert was capable of delivering high-quality audio in real-time to concert audiences wearing headphones. The app makes use of Wi-Fi connection but T-Mo was able to step it up a notch by using 5G connectivity.

At a concert held for T-Mo employees, Mixhalo arranged for a band to play classics. The audience was able to listen to music through Mixhalo’s soundboard– this is the same sound that audio musicians hear while they’re playing on stage.

And thanks to T-Mobile’s 5G technology, Mixhalo was able to send out the audio to attendees at optimum quality. If the network is too slow, an annoying echo can be heard by the listener. Another thing that Mixhalo did at the concert was to turn off the speakers and play directly into the microphones. This allowed them to send out the audio to the Mixhalo app directly. As a result, only the concert attendees were able to listen to the music being played at the concert.

Mixhalo is the brainchild of co-founder Michael Einziger, who also happens to be the guitarist for hit band, Incubus. Given his expertise, it was only natural for him to use his knowledge to make concert attendees’ experience a lot better.

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