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T-Mobile Postpones 2G Shutdown Date

Most people these days have already made the switch to a 5G-enabled smartphone, especially since manufacturers have started to release budget-friendly options. Despite this, there are still some people who use 2G phones. The ones that do are currently using T-Mobile’s 2G network since Verizon and AT&T have shut down their networks years ago. T-Mobile also originally planned to shutdown its 2G network on April 2. But it looks like the Un-carrier has changed its mind. 

The Mobile Report earlier spotted that an exact date for the 2G GSM network retirement has not been decided. But despite this, T-Mobile says that its users shouldn’t get too comfortable with this delay. 

“While we have not yet established an exact date, we will notify you in advance when we plan to retire T-Mobile’s older 2G (GSM) network. Please be aware that as we work towards this retirement, capacity and coverage of the T-Mobile 2G (GSM) network will change as some 2G (GSM) sites will come down prior to the full network retirement.“

That being said, the 2G shutdown date may still happen any time this year. If you still haven’t switched to a 5G smartphone, T-Mobile has a number of budget devices that they offer for free. You can check out their website for some options. 

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