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T-Mobile names 20 finalists of T-Challenge

Earlier today, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom unveiled the 20 finalists who will be taking part in the T-Challenge competition. The list is composed of young companies who are eager to share their ideas for virtual stores, store avatars, retail products and services, digital twins, and other XR technologies that will innovate how we shop.

Right now, the finalists are in the second phase of the competition. They are getting ready to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Bonn, Germany in June where they will have a chance to present their solutions to top executives of both companies.

T-Challenge was launched in October by T-Mobile US and T-Labs, the research and development unit owned by Deutsche Telekom. It is designed to be a global competition for developers, startups, designers, and researchers to showcase how their research and solutions can transform the retail industry using 5G networks and Extended Reality (XR).

A total of six winners will be announced at the end of the challenge. They will be splitting up over half a million of US dollars in prize money. More importantly, their solutions may be featured in retail stores of the two companies throughout the US and in Europe.

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