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T-Mobile Makes Two Changes to 5G Home Internet Service

A couple of changes are in place with T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service. These changes mostly affect new customers. 

Data Cap

The first change is that a new data cap will soon be imposed on 5G Home Internet users. 

As noted by The Mobile Report, it looks like the Un-carrier now has changed its policy on data caps. The change was spotted in its terms and conditions, which state that users may “notice speeds lower than other customers” occasionally because of data prioritization. T-Mobile also noted that a “further reduction” may be imposed once the user goes over 1.2 TB before the month is over. 

The publication noted that T-Mobile has not publicly announced this change. Instead, they were able to notice the change added on January 19th. 

Existing customers will not be affected by this change.

Increased Prices

The other change that T-Mobile has made to its 5G Home Internet service comes in the form of a slight fee increase on new customers. 

The Mobile Report noted that the new fee was imposed last January 18th. This change affects Unlimited Home and Small Business Internet plans with AutoPay since they have now been increased to $60 per month. Previously, these plans only cost $50 per month with T-Mobile phone service. 

The good news is that this change only affects new customers.

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