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T-Mobile flaunts two huge new 5G Home Internet milestones putting rivals to shame

Just in case climbing from fourth to third place in the mobile network operator hierarchy based on subscriber numbers a few years back and then jumping from third to second shortly after its mammoth Sprint acquisition was not impressive enough, T-Mobile recently began a remarkable progress in the always competitive home broadband arena as well.

After absolutely crushing its objective of ending 2021 with half a million 5G Home Internet customers, the "Un-carrier" is already celebrating the network's next big achievement. That's right, Magenta claims to have welcomed its one millionth such user "very early this month", which means the US wireless industry giant has somehow managed to double the aforementioned 500,000 customer tally in the space of just five months or so.

By itself, that figure certainly doesn't sound game-changing or industry-disrupting... just yet. But hitting 1 million users so quickly has apparently made T-Mo the "fastest growing broadband provider in America." Incredibly enough, the late market joiner also added more Home Internet customers than veterans like Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon, and AT&T during the final quarter of last year, which is arguably an even greater feat than outpacing these broadband industry giants in terms of growth percentages.

That's not the only milestone touted today, mind you, with the theoretical availability of T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet service also expanded (once again) to officially exceed 40 million households across the nation.

Another unremarkable number on its own (compared, for instance, to Magenta's towering wireless 5G coverage), 40 million represents a large jump from the previous 30 million milestone, all but guaranteeing those fast-growing Home Internet subscriber scores will continue to rise at a breakneck speed.

Nothing else is changing on the 5G Home Internet front today (or, presumably, anytime soon), which means you're still looking at paying $50 a month, with all taxes and fees included, for easy installation and use of a blazing fast broadband service that's putting more and more pressure on traditional ISPs (internet service providers) to change their old ways.

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