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T-Mobile exclusively picks up the exquisitely affordable OnePlus 10T 5G

UPDATE: The OnePlus 10T is now listed on T-Mobile's official website at a full price of $649.99 or 24 monthly installments of $18.09 after a $216 down payment, which obviously amounts to a similar grand total of around 650 bucks.

The Magenta-specific 10T 5G variant is available in a single Moonstone Black color with 128 gigs of internal storage space and an 8GB RAM count, which may well fall short of some of your (inflated) expectations. Don't forget about the half-off launch deal, though, which you can claim with a new line of service on an "eligible" plan or by trading in a new or old OnePlus, Apple, Samsung, LG, or Motorola device. Our original story follows below.

In the absence of a "regular" OnePlus 10 model, Android power users in love with the somewhat divisive brand could only choose between the pricey 10 Pro beast and the "outdated" 9 and 9 Pro high-enders (at least in the US) for the better part of this year.

But now the budget-friendly OnePlus 10T powerhouse is (almost) ready to start shipping at last following an early August announcement and an early September pre-order commencement stateside.

If you've held off on pre-ordering the 6.7-inch 5G-enabled handset in an unlocked variant in the hopes that one or several US wireless service providers will eventually carry the 10T, that moment has (nearly) arrived.

Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile plans to begin selling this bad boy in its brick and mortar stores and on its official website this Thursday, September 29, and according to Magenta, no other US mobile network operator will land the "latest 5G smartphone from OnePlus."

Just like the aforementioned unlocked model, the T-Mo-exclusive OnePlus 10T 5G is set to start at a recommended price of $649.99, although we guess we'll have to wait a couple more days to find out if the nation's second-largest carrier will get the 128 or 256GB storage configuration.

The latter, mind you, is still up for pre-order from Amazon at a cool $100 markdown from a $749.99 list price, also packing a whopping 16 gigs of RAM compared to "only" 8 as far as the entry-level version is concerned.

In terms of special introductory offers, T-Mobile unsurprisingly plans to allow new and existing subscribers to score its OnePlus 10T at a substantial 50 percent discount (after monthly bill credits) with your choice of a new service line or "eligible" device trade-in.

That's obviously not as great as some of the "Un-carrier's" 100 percent off deals on other awesome phones in the past, but even at $325 or $650, the 5G-capable 10T is an objectively phenomenal bargain.

Inferior to the OnePlus 10 Pro in a number of ways, this thing comes with mouth-watering 125W wired charging technology, promising to need just 10 minutes to deliver "a day's worth of power" with the help of a hefty 4,800mAh battery squeezed into a reasonably thin, lightweight, and premium body.

Just as large as its Pro-branded brother, the OnePlus 10T does sport a lower-res 120Hz Fluid AMOLED display while impressively packing a faster Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor awkwardly referred to by its once-rumored Snapdragon 898 name in T-Mobile's latest press release.

The 10T's toughest direct competitor this fall is likely to be Google's "vanilla" Pixel 7, expected to start at a very reasonable $599 price of its own with way slower charging, inferior 90Hz screen refresh rate capabilities, a significantly less powerful Tensor G2 SoC, far superior software support, and presumably, a better overall photography experience as well. That certainly sounds like a hard decision to make, but at least OnePlus is in the conversation.

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