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T-Mobile changing Magenta plans to Go5G

It looks like T-Mobile will soon be making changes to its plans. More specifically, the plans that will be affected by the change are the “Magenta” plans.

The Mobile Report recently reported on these changes that will be affecting T-Mo’s Magenta plans. And according to the report, the main Magenta plans will be changed to a new branding called “Go5G.” This also means that the old Magenta plans will be grandfathered.

The report also goes into detail the different types of plans that will be under this new branding. These include the following:

  • Go5G – This is the base plan, which is similar to the standard Magenta plan

  • Go5G Plus – This will be similar to Magenta Max

  • Go5G Business

  • Go5G Business Plus

  • Go5G Military

  • Go5G First Responder

Right now, there’s no word on pricing details of the new plans. The report believes that pricing between the Magenta and the new Go5G plans will remain the same, since this is what happened when the ONE plans were changed to Magenta too.

The publication also notes that the new Go5G plans could come with more international features. Also, there are reports that T-Mobile will launch its first plan without 5G called Essentials Savings. But not much is known about this right now.

Do take note that the authenticity of this new Go5G plans has not yet been confirmed by the source. The Mobile Report says that there will still be an upcoming company-wide meeting set for April 23rd. It’s possible that this is when the new plans will be announced.

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