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T-Mobile Business customers also hit by security breach

Mike Katz, executive vice president of the T-Mobile for Business group, made a post on LinkedIn directed at business customers regarding the recent cybersecurity breach.

Wait. Were business customers also affected by T-Mobile’s massive security breach that occurred last week? Apparently, yes.

A T-Mobile for Business information site says, “The exact company and personal information accessed varies by business and individual. We have determined that the types of impacted business information include: Business name, federal tax ID, business address, contact name and business phone number. Personal information includes: names, drivers’ licenses, government identification numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and phone number(s).”

The company says it has no indication that business or personal financial information, including credit or debit card information, account passwords or PINs were accessed.

T-Mobile for Business says it has “dedicated resources conducting business account reviews, and we are offering individual credit monitoring resources.”

While T-Mobile has posted this information online and Katz has posted on LinkedIn, T-Mobile's direct outreach to customers has been limited.

A T-Mobile representative told Fierce, "We are keeping customers updated through a variety of channels. We shared several media statements, launched an event-specific webpage with customer FAQs and have communicated directly with impacted customers we have contact information for directly via SMS. As our investigation provides more information, we will reach out to impacted customers and others."

T-Mobile for Business

T-Mobile has only recently gotten into the enterprise market, compared to AT&T and Verizon, which both have large and established business units serving enterprise customers.

In March, Katz wrote in a blog that T-Mobile’s market share in the enterprise space is less than 10%. But he spun that as a good thing because T-Mobile for Business only has one way to go, which is up. He said T-Mobile is already serving some of the biggest banks, energy companies and pharmaceutical leaders, and it’s got 60% of the national retailers.

For a company that’s trying to compete with entrenched players in the enterprise space, last week’s security breach is a setback.

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