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T-Mobile Achieves World-First 6-Carrier Aggregation

T-Mobile has achieved the world's first six-carrier aggregation connection using sub-6 GHz spectrum on its live production 5G network. This allowed the mobile device to access 245 MHz of total bandwidth and reach download speeds over 3.6 Gbps. Carrier aggregation lets mobile devices cobble together multiple simultaneous connections to the network at different frequencies, for more total bandwidth, enabling faster data rates. While two- and three-carrier aggregation is now common with sub-6 5G networks, six is a first. T-Mobile's test used two channels in band 41 (2,500 MHz), two channels in band 2/25 (1,900 MHz) and two channels in band 4/66 (1,700 MHz). All of these bands offer relatively broad coverage (compared to mmWave, which is short-range).

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