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Sprint’s Final Days Has Been Revealed

This is it! It’s the end of an era, at least for the brand, Sprint. Back when T-Mobile announced its plan to acquire Sprint, we’ve religiously covered the entire series of events. And it feels like an eternity ago, with the pandemic and all. But today, a report acquired internal documents revealing the final date for Sprint’s demise.

As reported by The Mobile Report, there are three important dates to take note of. The first, May 26th, is when T-Mobile will shut down Sprint’s in-store systems for ordering devices. After this date, customers must choose to have their orders shipped to their home addresses. Those with an existing order will only have until June 9th to pick them up.

On June 10th, most of the in-store Sprint transactions will no longer be available. Customers will only be able to make express payments through retail stores or pick up their said devices. Sprint will also accept remorse returns.

Lastly, on June 25th, all Sprint transactions will cease. Customers will only be able to make payments via the Sprint app and website. But eventually, these will also go off air. Physical Sprint equipment will also be removed from stores a week after Sprint’s last day.

Sprint’s shutdown is not exactly new. It has been in the process ever since T-Mobile finished its acquisition of the company. Most Sprint customers have opted to migrate to T-Mobile over the years. The report shares that there is still “a small subset of customers” under a Sprint plan.

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Joe Marsella
Joe Marsella
May 30, 2023

Are they going to remove the ridiculous sprint locks from the devices Or let them become useless garbage because they won’t carrier unlock them. They Definitely are not trying to care about the earth and sustainability. Bad practices, terrible customer service, countless data breaches. they dont care about sensitive customer info, just your monthly payment.

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