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Some Grandfathered Promos Will Now Carry Over During Plan Migrations

Many people want the perks and features of the newer Magenta and Magenta MAX plans (or the promotional perks like the new iPhone deals). If you have an older grandfathered plan, though, you likely have a lot of promotions attached that you don’t want to lose. Now it seems T-Mobile is willing to let you keep some of them.

As first shared via a Reddit post, and independently confirmed by us, T-Mobile’s free line promos and insider hookup promos from the past will now transfer to newer plans if you choose to migrate.

The internal documents for each free line promo, one of which is embedded below, have been updated to indicate that if a customer migrates to Magenta, Magenta MAX, or T-Mobile for Business 13+ rate plans, they will be allowed to keep their free line.

In addition to above, we’ve confirmed that Insider Hookup from previous years will also migrate, though support occasionally may have to add a newer version of the 20% off to the newer plan.

Customers can inquire directly with T-Mobile support to confirm their free lines will transfer.

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