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Simple Mobile Brings Back 4 Unlimited Lines For $100

Simple Mobile has brought back an old offer. Customers with new lines can once again get 4 unlimited lines for $100. A similar offer from Simple Mobile was last reported by BestMVNO in July of 2020. The latest iteration of the deal is actually a step down from what was previously offered. Although this plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, it does not come with any mobile hotspot. The last time BestMVNO reported that 4 unlimited lines for $100 was available, each line got 5GB of mobile hotspot.

Interestingly, the promo material that BestMVNO has seen for the current deal lacks any mention of the T-Mobile network. Simple Mobile uses the T-Mobile network for coverage. Verizon bought Simple Mobile and its related Tracfone brands last November. Simple Mobile has always noted in its branding that it's "powered by T-Mobile." But that has been replaced in its latest marketing materials for the new offer to generically say that it runs on a "5G Nationwide Network." At some point in the future, Simple Mobile will transition to the Verizon network.

Simple Mobile 4 Lines For $100 Offer Fine Print

This offer is scheduled to be available at least until 7/31/22. Simple Mobile does have a long history of perpetually extending its promotions, so it's possible the same thing will happen here.

This offer is not available online through the Simple Mobile website, it's only available through your local Simple Mobile dealer. Simple Mobile has a dealer locator on its website to help you find your nearest dealer.

This deal is for new lines of activation only. In order to qualify for the promotion, at least one of the four lines must be porting in from a brand that is not related to Tracfone. All four lines must also be activated at once. Taxes cost extra.

Like every other unlimited plan on the market, this one does have some special stipulations. During times of network congestion, customers may notice reduced data speeds compared to customers subscribed to a high-priority T-Mobile postpaid plan. Data speeds may be further reduced during times of network congestion once more than 40GB of data has been consumed during a billing cycle. Videos stream at a resolution of 480p.

The plan should also include international calling and texting from the USA to over 60 destinations and roaming in 16 Latin American countries as every other Simple Mobile plan offers those features.

If you don't need 4 unlimited lines for $100, Simple Mobile still has a perpetually running offer available through dealers for single lines. Single lines can get the same plan for $40/month. The single-line offer is scheduled to last at least until 6/30/22. This offer has been available at least since January of 2021 and its end date has been extended many times, so it will likely still be available after 6/30/22.

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