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Reach Mobile Converts To T-Mobile MVNO, Updates Wireless Plans

Reach Mobile, the MVNO that gives back by helping to fund connectivity to those in need has made some major updates. The company first launched in 2019 as an MVNO of Verizon. But that has now changed. Reach Mobile has converted to become a T-Mobile MVNO. With the network conversion comes new phone plans that offer a much better value than what was available under their previous network. The company is no longer activating on the Verizon network, however current customers using the Verizon network may keep their plans.

Reach Mobile's Updated Phone Plans

The table below compares Reach Mobile's old plans with their new ones. Prices have been improved across the board.

*At one point, Reach Mobile did offer 1GB for $20 on the Verizon network

All of Reach Mobile's plans continue to offer unlimited talk and text and are mobile hotspot enabled. Only the 25GB plan includes unlimited 2G data once the plan's high-speed allotment has been reached. For all the other plans, data is hard capped and shuts off once you reach that plan's limit. Data top-ups are available priced at $5 for each additional 0.5GB needed. Taxes and fees cost extra with all plans.

Reach Mobile's phone plans do operate a bit differently from everyone else on the market. For all plans priced below $45, Reach Mobile will automatically adjust your bill and plan for a given billing cycle to the one that best fits your usage during the cycle. So if you signup for the 10GB plan but only use 5GB of data in a given billing cycle you'll pay $30 for that particular billing cycle. Likewise, sign up for the 5GB $30 plan and only use 1.9GB of data during a billing cycle and you'll pay just $20 for that month. Reach Mobile calls this feature "Best Fit."

The Best Fit feature does not apply to the customer's first month bill. It kicks in after the second month of service. Reach Mobile does offer international roaming for an extra fee. Rates vary based on the location traveled to. Best Fit does not apply during the months that subscribers are using international roaming.

Reach Mobile's Get A Plan, Give A Plan Program

Reach Mobile also operates a program that it now calls "Get a Plan, Give a Plan" (previously known as "Gigs that Give"). Through Get a Plan, Give a Plan, 10% of your plan’s data allotment gets matched and donated by Reach Mobile to a shared data pool that is used to supply data to people in need around the world. So if you have a plan with 5GB of data, Reach Mobile will donate 0.5GB of data to the Get a Plan, Give a Plan program.

Aside from the pricing changes, Reach Mobile has made a few other changes to its plans. With the exception of the 25GB plan, additional lines can be added to any plan for $15/line. Previously it cost $20/line. Data from line one is shared with all other lines, additional lines do not get their own data allotments. Customers with 3+ lines using Best Fit do get an extra 5GB of shareable data to use every month. This was not offered under the old plans. The 25GB plan has a structure different than the other plans. Additional lines can be added to it for $45/line and each line does get its own 25GB data allotment that is not shareable with the other lines. Up to five additional lines, for a total of six lines, can be added to any Reach Mobile plan.

Reach Mobile is not just a phone plan provider. The company also operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE). As an MVNE, they offer a software platform that allows others to start up and run their own MVNOs. Cable operator WOW recently announced its intentions to partner with Reach Mobile to become an MVNO. WOW serves over 845,000 broadband subscribers that it can market its upcoming MVNO to.

Reach Mobile is offering new customers $10/month off of all of its plans for their first three months of service with the use of the promo code BESTMVNO103 at signup.

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