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Consumer Cellular Reduces Number Of Plans, Begins To Market 2 Lines For $55

Consumer Cellular has recently eliminated some plans from its online offerings. A total of three plans are now available for purchase, down from six. Last October, the company released an offer of two unlimited lines for $55. Consumer Cellular has begun to market that offer through a newly launched TV ad.

Wave7 Research recently detailed in its latest prepaid report that the MVNO has continued to expand its retail presence. The provider had a grand opening for a store in Surprise, Arizona, and it has launched displays at additional Walmarts. The firm noted that a couple of stores are planned for opening in Missouri and Arizona. BestMVNO previously reported that Consumer Cellular started opening its own branded stores in September 2022. To date, only a limited number of stores have been opened with a total of three between the states of Florida and Arizona.

Consumer Cellular Plan Changes

The three plans that Consumer Cellular now offers are the following:

  • 1GB - $20/month

  • 10GB - $35/month

  • 50GB - $50/month

Additional lines can be added to any plan for $15/month. Customers that need more than 3-lines have to call Consumer Cellular to get them added to their accounts. The prices shown include a $5/month autopay and e-billing credit. All plans include unlimited talk and text. Customers that go over their data allotments on the 1GB and 10GB plans will automatically have their plans upgraded to the next highest-tiered data plan. Only the 50GB plan includes unlimited data but data speeds are reduced for the remainder of the customer's billing cycle after that threshold has been reached.

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The plans that Consumer Cellular eliminated from its online offerings are:

  • 5GB - $25

  • 10GB - $35

  • 15GB - $40

  • 20GB - $45

Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T and T-Mobile networks for coverage.

Consumer Cellular Two Lines For $55 TV Ad

Over the last few weeks, Consumer Cellular has been marketing its two lines for $55 offer. A TV commercial highlighting the offer launched at the end of February and it continues to receive airtime. The ad entitled "Real Wisdom: Lynette & Arthur: AARP 55" features a married couple in their 70's that have been Consumer Cellular subscribers for over ten years. Lynette explains that she has "recommended Consumer Cellular to so many people" while her husband adds that she is the one who convinced him to switch to the brand. The ad then continues with a voiceover that tells the viewing audience to "come over on over to Consumer Cellular and save." Viewers are then told that AARP members can get two lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for $55/month when they call Consumer Cellular and use the code AARP55 at signup.

The offer requires customers to validate that they are 50 years of age or older and it is only available over the phone. It is not available online or in retail stores.

The new TV ad is just one of several that Consumer Cellular is running. The company continues to run TV ads that feature company spokesperson, actor Ted Danson.

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