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AT&T’s Cricket launches tryCricket app for Android

In the “try before you buy” department, AT&T’s prepaid Cricket Wireless brand is expanding beyond recent unlocked iPhones to include Android.

Starting this week, Cricket is giving customers with an eligible Android device the chance to try Cricket’s service for free. Android customers who sign up will receive a physical SIM card via the mail that allows them to try the Cricket service for 14 days at no cost or commitment.

The device needs to be Android 12 or newer. Users are required to download the tryCricket app on the Google Play Store and complete a few steps.

It’s similar to what Cricket launched last November with iOS. However, that offer included eSIM, which makes it easier to switch carriers. Consumers aren’t required to have an eSIM Apple device to use it, but eSIM makes it a faster process.

According to Cricket, now Android customers with an unlocked compatible phone will be able to try Cricket’s service with a 14-day free trial. Consumers who activate the tryCricket app receive a temporary phone number with 3 GB of data for talk and text during the trial period.

Cricket boasts 13 million customers and uses AT&T’s network. Last year, it launched a new marketing campaign that addresses the churn theme. It features testimonials from Cricket customers, with the tag line being “People who come to Cricket, stay with Cricket.”

“Cricket offers the best customer experience in the prepaid industry, and tryCricket now gives Android users a chance to test out our amazing network,” said John Dwyer, who is president of both Cricket Wireless and AT&T Prepaid, in a statement. “There’s no charge, no gimmicks, and no commitment with tryCricket. It takes five minutes to sign up for a trial, and then we mail you a physical SIM card with two-day shipping at no charge.”

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