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Verizon Intros New, Cheaper Unlimited Plan

Verizon has introduced a new entry-level unlimited plan that's $5/month cheaper. The new Welcome Unlimited plan is mostly similar to the company's 5G Start plan (which was previously the cheapest, and remains available), but does not include the 5 GB of mobile hotspot data that was recently added to that plan. Instead of offering any special phone deals, Verizon is encouraging customers to bring their own compatible 4G or 5G phone.

Customers who switch to Verizon and bring their own phone to this new plan will receive one $240 Verizon e-gift card for each line. Welcome Unlimited costs $65/month for a single line, $55/line for two lines, $40/line for three lines, $30/line for four lines, or $25/line for five or more lines. Unlike the company's other Unlimited plans, Welcome Unlimited cannot be "mixed and matched"; all customers must be on the Welcome Unlimited plan to qualify for the family plan discount. Like 5G Start, Welcome Unlimited has unlimited 4G and 5G data, but not access to the faster Ultra Wideband 5G, nor is it "premium" data, so other customers get priority access when the network is busy.

Welcome Unlimited does include unlimited talk and text to and within Canada and Mexico, as well as 1/2 GB of high-speed data per day when roaming in those countries. Like the company's other plans, the advertised prices require paper-free billing and Auto Pay.

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