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T-Mobile Implementing New System to Confirm SIM Swap Requests

With the prevalence of SIM swap scams, it’s high time that carriers finally do something about them. It looks like T-Mobile is addressing this concern. 

The Mobile Report recently obtained a document that discusses the upcoming changes T-Mobile has in store for approving SIM swaps. The document reveals two big changes that T-Mobile has in store. The first is a new system called Account Change Engine (ACE). This new system will determine if the request for a SIM change is legitimate. 

Another move that T-Mobile plans to rollout is a confirmation response via text if the ACE system reports the request is fake. The customer needs to confirm his identity and whether he tried to move the line to a new SIM card. 

This is a huge improvement compared to the existing system. Once a SIM change request is made, a SMS will be sent to the line for approval. If the message is ignored within 10 minutes, the system automatically approves the swap request. 

With the new system in place, customers need to confirm that they did request for a swap. If the request is not attended to after 10 minutes, it will automatically be denied. 

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