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Verizon almost doubles spectrum for 5G UW network coverage

Verizon has just announced it’s now rolling out 100 MHz of C-band spectrum in many regions across the United States, almost doubling its current 60 MHz spectrum it has deployed in 5G markets to date. The major improvements mean Verizon will be able to accommodate more customers and offer significantly higher speeds.

This increase from using 60MHz to 100 MHz of C-band – which we will ultimately have available in many markets across the US – allows us to support more network traffic, deliver even better performance to our customers and add new products and services on top of the mobile and fixed wireless access solutions we provide today,” said Kyle Malady, EVP and President, Global Networks and Technology.

During a recent trial using 100 MHz of C-band spectrum, Verizon engineers were able to reach 1.4 Gbps peak download speeds near active cell sites and 500 Mbps further away from the towers.

The network upgrade has been pushed out several months than originally planned thanks to agreements with satellite provides to clear C-band spectrum. Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t mention where exactly the 100 MHz spectrum has been deployed first, yet it does say that as more spectrum is cleared in the coming months and years, customers will have access to between 140 – 200 MHz of C-band spectrum.

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