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T-Mobile will no longer force JUMP! 1.0 customers to JUMP! 2.0

Last April, T-Mobile decided that legacy JUMP! 1.0 customers will be migrated to JUMP! 2.0. But as revealed by The T-Mo Report, it looks like this move will no longer be pushing through.

T-Mobile’s JUMP! program gave customers a chance to change their devices twice per year while under a phone lease. If the decision to migrate customers to JUMP! 2.0 would have pushed through, it would force customers to pay at least 50% of their device lease cost before they can change to a new phone.

T-Mo’s original decision would be to migrate JUMP! 1.0 customers to JUMP! 2.0 in October.

But as new documents reveal, it appears like this migration will no longer happen.

What this means for JUMP! 1.0 customers can continue to enjoy the benefit from the program as long as the feature is maintained on their accounts. The document also shares that customers can use a “bonus” jump that will allow them to get a third phone change within a calendar year.

T-Mobile’s support documents have not yet updated the details to reflect the new decision.

But as the report says, it’s possible that it could be revised in the coming days. JUMP! 1.0 customers will be notified of this new decision via SMS tomorrow, June 23rd, or by email on June 28th.

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