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T-Mobile lets you try 2 months of Home Internet service for free

T-Mobile is currently giving away two months of 5G Home Internet for free. The authenticity of the report has been confirmed by CNET, which means interested individuals can take advantage of the offer.

As revealed by The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile will be giving interested individuals a chance to try using their unlimited Home Internet service for free. The unannounced offer will give you a $100 rebate after 60 days of service. Since Home Internet costs $50 per month, this rebate would essentially cover the cost of the plan.

The report says the offer will be available starting tomorrow, November 10. To get the $100 rebate card, you will have to be a new customer who will stay as a Home Internet customer for 60 days. You also have to submit a request for the offer on T-Mo’s website and enter the 2022HINTP10 promo code together with your Home Internet phone number. You will receive the prepaid debit card within 60 days.

This is a great opportunity for you to try out Home Internet. Remember to sign up before November 14th since the Un-carrier will impose a new $35 activation fee by November 15th.

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